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and positive feedback encourages us a lot!

Daniel + Mary

When my husband and I began to plan our wedding, the only thing I knew for sure was that Angelina and Padulik would be our wedding photographers. I'd known it before my fiancé proposed. They shot us a lot. I fell in love with their photo shooting style long ago.

The secret of their superb photos is their love for this job and the way they put souls in. Their photos are always very realistic and tender. They have a special talent - to take pictures full of love, warmth, and emotions.

As for me, it's very important that they always help with posing. Also, they can suggest interesting ideas for shooting.

Thank you, Padulik and Angelina, for our wonderful wedding photos!


Roman + Kate

We are really impressed by Angelina's work!

Firstly, checking her works posted on social networks was important. While choosing we took a look at Angelina's website and got through it carefully. We fell in love! Every single photo is full of life and colors. The photos reflected the moment & the atmosphere. And we wanted this! After our first meeting with Lina, it was absolutely clear - there was nothing to care about. She made her work in a pro and fast way.

Our wedding day was just perfect. It's wonderful to trust your photographer and just to do what she offers with no doubts. Pictures lived up to our expectations, they were amazing, lovely and filled with warmth as we'd wished. Our whole wedding day was brilliant and Angelina could keep emotional memories of a big step in our lives.

Thank her so much!!!!


Cyril + Julia

We want to say once again a big thank to Angelina for our great love story photo session! She`s a really professional photographer.

It was our first photo shooting and we didn’t know what we need to do to look harmonious in the photo, but Angelina managed to create a relaxed atmosphere while shooting, find nice angles and see us as we really are and capture "live" emotions :)

I really like that the photos are so tender, and I also like the colors! I like the color photos that they are so warm, beautiful ... amazing! And on black and white - an unreal atmosphere! 
The photos are just superb, they`re so cute, romantic and at the same time stylish! We, our parents and friends really like it :)

Michael + Victoria

This is a story about our amazing wedding photos, that had become the memory of our special wedding day because of the best photographers.

We're so happy that we made the right choice.

Our wedding day was full of romantic and touching moments and funny situations - all of this Padulik & Angelina captured so that I want to print every photo!

They have a special talent for photographing happiness, love, and sincere emotions. Our wedding photos are not only full of life but also made tasteful.

Angelina and Padulik are professionals, and, importantly, very nice people who are passionate about their work. Everyone who doubts the choice of photographers, do as we do, and you will definitely not regret it!


Cyril + Stasy

There are so many photographers now. And therefore, I am infinitely happy that in this stream of various photographs I found the works of Angelina and Padulik because they are VERY distinguished from many other photographers. Their work is forced to stop and enjoy. Because they know how to catch the most important things - mood, relationships, feelings, emotions, moments.
I admire our photos!
Our photoshoot was exactly as I dreamed!
I really wanted to capture the fleeting and "airy" state, which is soooo hard to catch.
We are very glad that we have chosen you as our photographers, Angelina and Padulik! You are wonderful and real professionals! Thanks for the magic!


Daniel + Mary

The best photographers we have ever worked with!!!

The most important thing is that they treat each photo and customer with a soul. 
We saw how they enjoy their work and in this connection, we get such an amazing result!
I advise Padulik and Angelina to everyone because they`re friendly and understanding people. They always help in photoshoots (pose, image, etc.) The main thing is that they always have interesting ideas for photos and they find beautiful places for a shooting which we didn’t even know. 
We worked with them several times, I really hope that we will work more) Angelina and Padulik are professionals! 
I can say that they really know how to photograph true love  ❤ and this is more talent than an acquired skill. Thanks again! ❤


John + Mary

Thank you so much for such an amazing job!

There were so many emotions that it is simply impossible to describe them in several sentences! It was a beautiful, pleasant, bright atmosphere in which not just beautiful photos were obtained, but also very emotional!

Peter + Lucy

Wonderful guys who tirelessly caught the moments of our day) it is clear that they love what they are doing and they sincerely treat customers. They helped not only in organizing the day and the route of the photoshoot, but also such things as where to stand, see and etc. I want to say thanks for the work done. I think we will meet with them more than once)

Daniel + Olivia

Padulik & Angelina are just great! I am very glad that I found them☺ 

They are a very harmonious couple not only in life but also in their work) Thanks to them, the wedding day was comfy, we understood each other perfectly, laughed, everything was very fun and at the same time productive))

Also, I was very pleased with their diligence and punctuality,  the photos were ready on time when they promised)

Guys always compromised, it was very easy and pleasant to work with them ☺ Thanks a lot!

Liam + Grace

How great it is when all your doubts disappear !!! We are still reviewing wedding photos and admire!))))
Again and again, we are convinced that the choice of the wedding photographer was made right! Because only a loving couple can capture true love!!!
We advise all couples to decide in advance with the photographers and agree to create an engagement photoshoot, as Angelina and Padulik advised us! And they were absolutely right!
During the first shooting, we get used to the shooting style, to the photographers. So at the time of the most important shots - the wedding series of photos - we were relaxed and surrounded by people who had already become close to us))))
Once again, many thanks, guys, for the work done, for enduring all our quirks and tricks)))
And a special thank you for the photo through the window - it is soooooooo cool!))))
I can write about each picture))))
Thank you! We wish you new orders and positive customers!))) 

Matthew + Helen

It's impossible not to fall in love with your photos!

Angelina and Padulik are very professional.
We had a photoshoot near the ocean and it was terribly cold! I was afraid that the photos would be ugly because everything happened quickly. But the result was just awesome!
Guys, thank you very much for the fact that everything was as I wanted!)))


Nicolas + Elizabeth

I really, really want to express my gratitude to the photographers Padulik and Angelina!

It was only a pleasure to work with you!

You helped us both at our first photoshoot and at the wedding! All the impressions of this special day that we received, you professionally and soulfully recorded on cameras. Now we enjoy memories and photos! Thank you for your work! You are a great team!

P.S. They really know how to photograph true love ❤

Jacob + Zoey

Angelina and Padulik did their job amazingly!

Thank you guys for the warmth, fun, and ease with which you work!)

Everyone who needs gorgeous photos, contact them because these two wonderful people will always be kind to you, they are smiling all the time, and very very cool)))))))) Thank you very much)) Thanks a lot!

Nick + Valery

Thank you very much for your work !!) the photo session was easy and very interesting!

We enjoyed our day, and you helped us maintain our impressions and emotions for the rest of our lives !! The photos are very cool! We and our relatives like them)) Well done, you did a great job!))


Noah + Liz

We are incredibly happy that we had an engagement photoshoot with Padulik and Angelina!
Thanks to the photographers, we went to a beautiful place, and spent a wonderful evening there)
It was very pleasant and fun to work with them! The result is simply amazing, the photos are fabulous, very touching and that is important -it is high quality!
When we review these photos, we are reliving that day, there are so much love and warmth in them and all thanks to the excellent work of the photographers ..
We really liked it .. thanks Padulik, thanks, Angelina! You are the best!)

Andrew + Julia

Photographers Padulik and Angelina were recommended by friends. At the very beginning of the first shooting (engagement photo session), my future husband and I were very worried, but the guys were so open, polite and tactful that our fear quickly disappeared. Time passed quickly and quietly. And when we saw the results of the work, we were pleasantly surprised! Excellent juicy colors, good foreshortening and our mood - all of that are on our pictures!
At the wedding photoshoot, we no longer doubted the professionalism of these guys.
Padulik and Angelina, thanks for the quality process and the result of the work! We wish you to achieve such heights in your career that you haven’t even dreamed about!
Sincerely, Andrew and Julia.

Victor + Julia

I have no words to express everything that revolves in my head !!!
Because Angelina and Padulik did their job just amazing))
Thank you guys for the warmth, fun, and ease with which you worked!) You are absolute professionals!)
Everyone who needs gorgeous photos, contact them! Because these two wonderful people will always be kind to you, they are smiling all the time. Doing their work, they don’t bother you at all!
They treat their work and their couples with sincere love, I think, this is very important!)
The guys have kept touching emotions for us for life, thank you very much for that!

Michael + Kate

It's very easy to take pictures with these guys. They always tell you which pose is better, where to look and everything else))
Padulik and Angelina are very good and attract even the most modest people! They will reveal your potential and all your beauty! You will definitely enjoy it!

Alex + Kate

Guys, thank you so much for the work!
For a very long time, we could not decide on the choice of a photographer for our wedding. Your work caused us only admiration! And we wanted these guys to work with us.
It was not a problem that we lived in different cities, they came to us and did everything just perfectly! Our pictures just led me and my husband to delight!
You are just wizards! And it's not about retouching, but about how you helped us choose the poses and positions. We are just like from a fairy tale about the princess in the tower and the prince who came to save her! And all this magic will be stored with us and distributed to our loved ones! Our magic will live forever thanks to you !!!! We are very satisfied! Thank you for helping in choosing places for shooting, thanks for the special approach! Thank you so much for our day !!!! In general, we are satisfied with the result! Thank you very much for participating on our best day!
You made it magical and now we will keep it! It was fun and pleasant with you!

Andrew + Lily

If you are looking for good and advanced photographers who work easily and with pleasure, stop your searching here!
Angelina and Padulik made us an engagement photo session to the ocean for the whole day. Hardworking guys, which, seems to me, is important for photographers))).
Later we invited them to photograph our wedding. They gave us a full consultation on how and where it is better to shoot (it helped us a lot with choosing locations). Another nice point is the speed of retouching photos. Personally, the timing pleasantly surprised me. We are very grateful to Angelina and Padulik for what they do and who they are!

Alexander + Julia

For the hundredth time, I want to say thanks for our wonderful engage photos !! Angelina helped us sooooooo much, agreeing to take pictures a week before the wedding and just for a few days later she gave us the retouched photos !!

The weather that day was not very good, and I was almost sure that I would not like the photos, but Angelina is an excellent professional, she took wonderful pictures! We are more than satisfied, I have reviewed them probably already 100,000 times)))))

Matthew + Emma

 We want to say many thanks to Padulik and Angelina, they made our day unforgettable!

I want to say special thanks to Angelina for helping me deal with my excitement and nervousness, trying to make my photos very tender!

We really like their professional attitude to the matter, for the whole day the guys never asked us to take any ridiculous pose, they just did their job, which resulted in amazing photos !!!)

Michael + Mia

Dear Angelina and Padulik! Thank you very much for your work, for these wonderful photos!)
Michael and I were waiting for the pictures with great interest! Thank you very much, we really enjoyed taking pictures under your strict guidance. The whole day was comfy, with a smile and positive)
Captured so many emotions, all the brightest, solid smiles, and a good mood! Very cool! Positive, energetic and truly lively photos!
I hope we will repeat this again))

Anthony + Natalie

I’ll tell you how it was: two happy newlyweds, next to their beloved friends and wonderful photographers who deftly caught every moment for shooting, precisely caught the moment! ) As a result, we received a package of gorgeous live photos and memories of OUR day !!!

Thank you, guys! You made that day even more beautiful and warmer!