• Can we meet?

​Of course. It will be our pleasure to meet with you over a cup of coffee. From Mondays to Thursdays we can discuss any questions you may have for us about your photoshoot arrange our meeting only on a weekday.

  • Do you travel? 

Absolutely! We travel across the states & abroad for our work and love doing so. We ask for airfare, a hotel room for 2-3 nights and transportation. (We work hard to keep travel costs as low as possible.) For weddings outside of San Diego limits, we have a travel fee of $100/hour, and possibly accommodation if it's too late to return to the city that evening.

  •  Can we call you? 

Yes, but please e-mail us all your questions first, We have to be prepared to give you the right answers. 

  • Why we're asking for your Instagram.

On our website, you can find more info about us and our family. We would like for you to get to know us a little before you will contact us, likewise, we would like to find out more about you before we actually meet.

  • How many photos in total do we get? 

The amount of photos depends on the type of photoshoot and the package you choose (how many hours). The minimum amount of photos for an engagement photo shoot is 50. On the day of the wedding, you will receive no less than 400 photos.

  • How many photos will be edited?

All photos that you receive will be edited. You will receive high resolution and edited photos only.

  • What do you mean by edited photos?

We do convert raw. ( White Balance, Contrast, Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, Whites and Blacks, Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation, sharpening and noise reduction, lens correction and transform, crop. Maybe something else)) Extra editing ( high-end retouching ) is also available as addition serves. Ask us for more details.

  • When will we receive our photos?

It depends on type of the shooting. You can see this information on "prices" , you will receive the photos with Google Drive. Your photos will be available for 10 days on Google Drive for download.

  • Can you send us a few photos? Can we get the photos faster?

*The photos can be delivered in 15 days for $145 for wedding and $70 for engagement photos.

  • Can I have the RAW files or any unedited images? Can you keep the photos private?

This will always and forever be a resounding no. Unless you want to buy out the copyright, of course! That’ll be $3,000. The RAW photos will be deleted in 6 months after your wedding.

  • Can you keep the photos private?

Hire the photographer you let us share your photos online. We have an option for you.  It'll be + 50% of the shoot. Why?

We must compensate it somehow otherwise, it is nothing to show other couples. No photos. No job. No money. Homeless) 

  • Do you take into consideration the time used to travel to your destination? 

Yes, the time that is going from one set to another within the day is also taken into consideration. All in all, we have the exact amount of hours that we agreed to have prior to the shoot.

  • Can we print the photos ourselves? 

Yes, you can print and use the photos however you want, but only for personal use.

  • Why are you photographing together?

How important is it to have a second photographer? We always work together.  Especially if there will be over 60 people at your event We recommend that you include two photographers. The photoshoot will be interesting and unique. By having a second photographer we can save time, thus have more time to create interesting shots.

  • How many wedding have you shot? 

We have been photographing weddings since 2013.

  • Do you shoot family photos during a wedding day? 

YES! Family photos are one of the most important things on a wedding day and We always make sure to carve out time to capture them.

  • What is your equipment? 

We use Canon 5D Mark IV + Canon 5D Mark II + Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 USM + Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM + Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM+ 2 x Canon Speedlite 600EXry.


*Almost all our couples want to get photos as soon as possible or right after the shoot. But we have to go through a special procedure before we sent the photos to the couple, and it takes time. Selecting the all good shots, color correction, retouching. All these things take time. Selecting photos takes anywhere from a 1 day to 3. This depends on the amount of photos taken during the shoot. After all, we don’t want to miss an important moment, so we have to choose carefully and look at all images taken. After your photos are ready we load them to Google Drive and on to my website. All of the editing takes about a week. But editing photos is just a part of our job, since we have many other shoots happening during the week, we can only fit a certain amount of work hours a day. During the work week we have other photoshoots, reply to e-mails, meet up with couples, talk to them on the phone and much more. Marketing and management are also key components of our job that take time. We also have family and want to spend time together. 
Sent us a few photos?
In order for us to sent a few photos, we have to look through all of them. This is up to 2-3 hours at minimum + retouching. During that day we can not look over any other photos from a different shoot. This way our timeline of the work day gets moved by 2-3 hours and throws our whole schedules off and all couples who were before you in the “line” will get their photos later, which is unfair. 
This is why we have an option for couples who want their images during 15 days. $145 for a wedding and $70 for engagement photos
We give the images over to a third party who edit them. This speeds up everything else. The color correction and selection is no different from ours.